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Its almost time to leave this place… I can’t believe 4 years have gone by so quickly, and now theres only 4 weeks left. Anyways, after I had my sentimental moment this week, I got to finishing all my assignments. I started off with Mashing Friends and Emojis. This is the assignment that I incorporated Dr. Wisdom into. I compared him to an emoji that I thought went perfectly.  Next, I completed two other mashups, A Changing Character, and 10 Second Song Mashup. Both of these were fun to complete, but took a ton of work. I had my frustrating moments with completing both, but I managed to get through it. Now, onto the remixes. The first remix, I designed the worst room that I could think of. Although, since I used Pinterest, the room wasn’t as bad as I imagined because Pinterest tries to make everything picture perfect. The last remix I did was adding a Mustache to a street sign. I also completed a tutorial for this assignment. To top off a creative week, I completed 3 daily creates.

Lets hope its sunny and 70 next week, because I can’t stand much more of this. After all, I moved down south for southern weather and this is what I get?

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