Weekly summaries

Senior Day …. and I’m crying

Well this week certainly was a roller coaster. Being a web week made it so much fun for me. I especially love that I get to find new web tools like some of the ones I used for assignments and play around with them for a little bit. I did 10.5 stars worth of assignments this week.The first assignment I completed was social media for good ol’ duke. I created him a face Facebook (Fakebook) and  fake Twitter (Twister) account. I even added a lot of friends for him! Next, I took a walk and took some pictures. I then uploaded these pictures and made a nice timeline. Last assignment was the hardest. I made a map of the Game of Thrones characters. Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many characters till now. I didn’t even include all of them either! I also completed the web storytelling and I transformed UMW Tennis into UMW Curling. Lastly, the daily creates provided some great entertainment in the fact that we looped them all together to tell a story.

I can’t believe our season is coming to a close. We have senior day for tennis tomorrow, and we play #11 in the country, Johns Hopkins! Wish us luck!


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