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Weekly Summary – Week 5

This week was one of the easiest and hardest weeks I have completed so far.  It was one of the easiest because this week, I planned out my blogs/time the best I have from the previous 4 weeks.  However, it was the hardest because I came into this week knowing absolutely nothing about audio editing.  It took me a while to set up and figure out how to use Audacity.  The first Assignment I did, Clang Cackle Crack, was extremely difficult for me to get through. At this point, I had no idea how to add tracks one after another to Audacity. I went through multiple tutorials and google searches to try to find how to complete it.  After a few hours, I figured out that it really wasn’t that difficult and now I had learned a lot about Audacity that I could use for my other assignments.  The next assignment I completed was You Don’t Have to Change a Single Thing. I loved this one because this song has such an important message to girls. We need to make sure that girls know that they’re beautiful by just being themselves, and they don’t have to try to be anyone else.  I then blogged about audio storytelling in two posts: Story Through Sound and Story Through Sound 2. This week was really interesting to see how audio is used in place of visual.  Between the radio show and “Moon Graffiti”, I was really able to tune into the music and sounds that makes up audio, and how it effects the overall mood. Next, I completed the assignment‘Yo Mama Got Bills. This was so much fun for me. It was my favorite assignment this week to complete. Even though I felt silly when I was recording, it came together really great. I combined the lyrics of “Bills” by Lunchmoney Lewis with the music to Pirates of the Caribbean. They definitely didn’t sound like they belonged together, but it provided entertainment for sure. This week, I also created a Radio Bumper for ds106 radio. I had a hard time coming up with a clever bumper, but it came together nicely using Audacity.  I combined the voice with the music and it came out better than I thought it would. Also concerning the radio show, I came up with a few Radio Show Ideas that I could do with a group. I got pretty good feedback from some of my classmates already, so maybe one of them will happen! Lastly, I  did 3 Daily Creates this week. They were fun and 2/3 were western themed. 

This week started off challenging, but I’m glad I got more comfortable with all of the editing softwares. Hopefully next week will be just as much if not more of a learning experience.

Well, this week my family is in Colorado without me. I am getting constant pictures of skiing, the snow and the mountains. Meanwhile, in Fredericksburg, the UMW women’s tennis team is opening up this weekend and so I guess that beats skiing in the rockies.

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