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One Week Til’ California

Week 6 Summary

I started off the week with the longest assignment of all of them, reading Vignelli. I didn’t particularly enjoy this assignment because I don’t like reading all that much, but I can say that I still learned a decent amount about design from it.  It was a bit repetitive, but it was an easy read because there were a lot of graphics involved. Next, I created the Wanted Poster assignment. I loved doing these design assignments, besides the fact that I am not great at graphic design.  This assignment expanded my creativity and it was the first assignment that tested my photo editing skills. I looked/ read about more Western Design with these movies and artwork. Its interesting to see that there is still a lot of design in old movie covers and stills, even though it doesn’t look the same as today’s. The second assignment of the week was putting a Cartoon Character in a commercial. For this, I chose Homer Simpson to be in a commercial for Budweiser. Even though he usually drinks Duff, I wanted the assignment to make more sense to the readers that don’t watch the Simpsons. I also did the assignment to tell a story through four Icons. I will not disclose which movie this is (unless you comment and are dying to know).  I loved doing this assignment, even though it was a bit difficult to come up with the idea of which icons to use for representation. The last assignment of the week was the Minimalist Movie Poster. I was extremely scared of this assignment when I started, because I didn’t know if I could live up to the example. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I definitely thought it was harder than a 3.5 star rating. I did 10.5 total stars of assignments this week, excluding the most wanted poster. To finish up the week, I completed the Design Blitz and three Daily Creates.

Design week was such a fun week, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Next week is spring break, and its time for me to go buy sunscreen because my team is going to ca-li-for-ni-a! I couldn’t be more excited to relax and compete with my team out there. Who wants me to pack them in my suitcase?!

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