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Just a typical VA week, ending in a snowstorm

Weekly Recap #2

This week was definitely more work than last week. I got started a little later than I wanted to, but having a snow day made it all just a little bit easier. The assignments were much more fun that I was expecting, especially the buzzfeed quiz. The only problem I had is that I’m still not all that great with blogs and technology, so it was a little tough for me to put it all together. I think thats why it took so much more time than it should have. I can already feel myself getting more comfortable with social media. I’ve tried to get on twitter every day, and I uploaded to soundcloud and Flickr. It was also difficult to figure out how to take a video I found and convert it into a gif, but once I found the right website, it wasn’t so bad. I am glad I am pushing myself with media, and I am glad I can already see the improvement.

Stay safe out there in the snow!


2 thoughts on “Just a typical VA week, ending in a snowstorm

  1. You could make a snow sculpture of a cowboy or another western subject and publish it as an assignment. Lots of snow in VA I understand.
    Of course I like your colored cow very much.

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