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Its already February?!?!

Weekly Summary #4

Its been a good week. I actually started my blogs on Monday this week.  This was a big improvement with me, being that I didn’t feel nearly as stressed about getting my work done.  I seemed to breeze through it, doing a little bit each day. The first assignment I completed was Point and Shoot.  I am interested in photography even though I might not always be the most skilled photographer.  I loved that I was able to put my skills to the test this week. Again, looking at cinematography, I completed Two Socks. Watching the movie was time consuming, considering it was almost 3 hours.  However, I enjoyed it and it gave me a better appreciation for cinematography because I have never looked at a movie in that much detail before. Referring back to my character I created last week, Dr. Wisdom showed up in two posts this week.  They were What’s a Doctor Without his bag? and Say Norbert Numbat Five Times Fast.  I didn’t think there was much to my character last week, but I’m glad I got to develop and look at different parts of his personality this week. The rest of the visual assignments: Dax and KristenModel Shots, and I Touched a Dog were so much fun.  I got to put my own personal touch on all of them. I would say that the Dax and Kristen assignment was my favorite.  After all, they are my favorite celebrity couple. The last thing I completed was Photoblitz. This helped me expand my creativity and I even finished it in less time than I needed to!  The most positive thing I got out of this week is that I think I’m actually getting better writing.  I have always been a math/logic person, but I guess the old dog can learn new tricks! Let’s hope that another few weeks will make me a pro at this.

Update: there is no more snow left in Fredericksburg, but I hear wonderful rumors of a snowfall ready to hit on Monday

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