Weekly summaries

Home Stretch

Week 9 was another good one. It was nice to have the work load taken off our shoulders a little bit, especially since we put so much effort in the radio show the previous 2 weeks. Speaking of the radio show, we had some great ones to listen to this week! I tuned into Turning Tumbleweeds and loved every second of it. It was a compelling mystery story, and great work by the six members of that group. Making the assignments this week not only about our characters, but making them collaborate with other characters made me think outside the box more. I completed a total of 10.5 stars of assignments, starting with We’ve Got Some Beef up in Here. This one, I collaborated with a character named andy and I made up a pretty fun story. Next, I did my assignment with The Fastest Gun in the West. It really tested my artistic abilities. Lastly, I did Ridin’ Off into the Sunset and planned out my western bucket list.

We are coming to a close here, and I’m thinking about my life and graduation. It’s definitely a scary thought to say the least.

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