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Half the Snow has Melted

Week Summary #3

There was a lot of writing and reading again this week. Not always a bad thing, but it still seems to be more work than I expect (You would think I’ve learned by now, but maybe next week). I really enjoyed the daily creates this week. They seemed to be EXTRA creative and especially western theme. I would say that my favorite assignment was creating the western character.  I made mine a super quirky tooth salesman, Dr. Wisdom. Get it?!?! I was feeling extra punny. I also enjoyed the video from Vonnegut. It was comical, but still very accurate with how the stories went.  I made my two posts about the Western readings, Boy Gets Girl, and Ready, Set, Legends. The writing assignments were rougher than usual for me this week. My favorite one that I did was Don’t Worry be Happy because I really enjoyed writing a letter to myself as a child; it was nice to look back on my childhood. I incorporated the western theme into Damsel in Distress Seeking Cowboy, another letter, but this one was written to my future husband in western style.  The last assignment from the week was Walmart boy for Sale. This assignment was so humorous for me because I got to go on the website People Of Walmart. This website is full of hilarious picture of the people and the insane things they do at Walmart. Even though the work load keeps coming, I would say that this was my favorite week so far and I loved being super involved in the western culture.

RIP winter weather

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