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Weekly Summary 7

This week was another audio week, which did not make me happy whatsoever. I would say that the audio assignments are by far my least favorite. However, there was design assignment thrown in there this week so that spiced things up a little. We started off the week by working on the Radio Show. I think that the progress with the show has  been more than I expected, and we are moving along at a great pace. I made two audio assignments this week that will be incorporated in the radio  show. I made both a Commercial and a bumper for Rodeo Radio. I did two other audio assignments, Day in the Life of your Character, and Celebrity Speed Dating. These two assignments were both related to my western character, Dr.Wisdom. One last thing that I did for the radio show this week was a bumper sticker. I also completed 3 daily creates this week. The week wasn’t too difficult with the work load, I just simply don’t enjoy recording audio assignments.

On a better note, I am finishing this up before I head off to California for the week!

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