World’s Best Actors

This week was a great group effort. We completed the group video project, and I would say that it went even more swimmingly than the radio show. The group had the script written out by this week when we decided to meet. We communicated once again through google docs, and we used the same kind of idea as we did for our radio show.(just  more in-depth)

Once all of this was accomplished, we decided that we would all get together, and record the video like a movie. It was lucky that one of our group members is a pro at iMovie, and so we were able to learn from her and do the editing efficiently. It didn’t take us too long to record, seeing that we had everything ready. During filming, we had the camera on one person at a time, while the other person held up lines to read. We held up the lines so that it looked like the person was having a conversation (sneaky,right?)

The filming was done, and we went to editing. We included videos of actual rodeos, seeing that we didn’t know how to record it. We also used iMovie to edit in sound effects, opening and closing credits, intros, and bloopers. We tried to include sound effects to make the video more interesting. I am glad I chose to do the group project again this week. Our group seems to get better and better with each project!

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