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Writing Assignment #3: A Letter to You as a Child

Assignment Description: “Write a letter to yourself at a certain age. Is there anything specific you would tell yourself? Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew then? Let yourself know! You could include telling yourself what you’re like in the future. The possibilities are endless!”

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Piece of History: Writing a letter to childhood you is just fun. There are so many things that I could have not worried about, thought about, or spent my life around.  But that’s part of being a kid.  If I hadn’t experience the things I did, theres a chance it wouldn’t have molded me to be who I am today. Therefore, when writing a letter to myself, I would never tell myself to change anything.  I would merely give advice on how to stay happy and positive through all the rough times I had in  my life.  Writing this letter helps me realize how fortunate I was as a child.  It also helps me to see how much I have changed and grown throughout the years, and becoming a senior in college. It really is amazing. To give it relevance, I am going to write to myself as an elementary school student.
Dear Christina Marie:
Its your 21 year old self here. I hope school is going well. You’re probably getting ready for the big transition to Middle School. Scary, I know (I went through it too). Somehow when you’re a kid, everything seems to go wrong all the time.  Your parents are too mean, school is hard, and you just haven’t found your place yet. But trust me, it will all unravel soon.  Your friends will leave, but you will always find new friends. You always were so sociable! And trust me, Middle School is just as awful as everyone says it is, but it will be the years that you learn the most about yourself.  I probably sound like your mom, I know. But turns out, even though you fight with both of your parents now, they end up becoming some of your best friends. That is a hard though to believe, but when your dad says “Chrissy, you’re just like me” he’s not kidding.  However, you are the best parts of both your mom and your dad.  They did raise you, after all.  So, next time you get in a fight with your friends, dad, or just CAN’T do school anymore.  Just remember, at 21 years old, you will be the happiest you’ve ever been, and every move you made will be worth it.
How did I do this?: Again, the writing assignments aren’t too taxing on the busy work.  I found a nice little baby picture of myself from one of my yearbooks. (That was super fun to search for). This was actually the most fluid of the writing assignments, because who knows to better to write to little me than well, me! I am figuring out that the more that I write, the more I hate writing assignments. So, I guess the motto here is, JUST KEEP WRITING.
To all the little kids out there, keep smiling.
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