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The Vignelli Canon

The Vignelli Canon was written as a guide to design in every shape and form. It is interesting to see how great design comes to form, even if you don’t have the talent for it.

Part 1- The Intangibles

Starting off with Semantics, it describes how we design whatever we have to design. You must decide the type of product you want to design as well as research on the subject of the thing to design. Another basic of design is syntactics. This constructs the proper used of language. When designing, it is important to pay attention to detail with discipline.  Slight mistakes in the quality will show as large mistakes. Along with discipline, it is important to have appropriateness in style.  Everything must be the right kind of solution to what the design needs.  Otherwise, it will not look like it belongs. According to Vignelli, ambiguity is a positive part of design. It can be used to give the work more than one meaning, and enhance its expression.  He also discusses visual power in design. It needs to stand out in concept, color, texture, or even all of them together. All of these intangible elements of design put together can form a great work of art, but the tangibles are how it all gets put together in one display.

Part 2- The Tangibles

The Paper size, grids, margins, and columns are designed to fit with what the artist needs, and to not be wasteful. He notes that most artists use environmentally sound choices. The grid usually provides a sense of consistency as well as a frame of reference. A Company Letterhead is usually separated from the rest of the information, and use a grid to control the placement of the rest of the paper. Grids are also used in books in order to give that book a higher level of integrity. Typefaces are generally used in order to draw more attention to that work. However, it should not be used as a form of entertainment. Type Size relationship is usually decided based on he relation to the width of the column. The type size can also be set larger in order to create a certain effect. Also, in contrast of type size, larger sizes have the intent of making a message louder, but the white space provides the silence. The scale of the object must be spot on in order for it to either be appropriate or inappropriate. Light is the same way. It must be tampered with to see how the light passes through a certain object, wether it be polished or textured. Another important aspect is the sequence, or speed of the publication. The sequence should not be noticeable, as in, it should flow easily. Overall, the idea of design is so open to so many possibilities. From all of this information, there is no exact formula or set of rules to be successful in design. Sometimes, its just the right eye for the right design.

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