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A Few Examples


Via Doing Indy

This first example is from Georgia O’Keefe’s collection. It refers back to Vignelli’s use of the grid. The image seems to symmetrical, but not so exact that it seems inappropriate for the drawing. O’Keefe also uses a wide array of color in this artwork. It especially stands out because the colors of the skull are slightly more vibrant than the background.  This makes the work look almost three dimensional.


Via Movie Title Stills Collection

This movie title still uses the power of typography to attract viewers. I think this image is also using minimalism to a certain extent. This is because the background is so dark. there isn’t much on the screen besides the typography. Also, Vignelli describes the use of big text as a use of screaming.  However, he liked the use of large text when it was white.  This is because it is a blank space and it is not as loud as a darker bold writing.

Gates of the Valley

Via Ansel Adams

This photo from the Ansel Adams Gallery has a really good sense of balance. The mountains on each side of the photo give it the appearance that the trees in the background go on forever. I believe that his picture also applies to the grid lines of Vignelli. The lines are very proportionate, and every object seems to have a purpose where it is placed.


Via Wikipedia

Lastly, the movie poster for 5 Card Stud really uses dominance to draw the viewer in. As a viewer, my eyes went right to the two men in the middle with guns. Since they are so much larger than any of the other words on the screen, all the focus is on them. This could also be a display of minimalism because there is so much white space in the background.

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