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Things to Consider- Radio Show

Brainstorming Radio Show Ideas

Here are just a few ideas that we could hold our radio show around. This is just a rough draft, and input/ other ideas are greatly appreciated!

Sports Event: There is always radio broadcasting for big basketball games, football games, and other big sports events, so why not have a radio broadcast for a rodeo. The announcers could commentate the whole time. The goal would be to paint a picture in the listeners head of what the rodeo was all about. We could talk about the atmosphere, what people are wearing, and what the crowd is like. It would be important to talk about exactly how rowdy it was. The announcers could also talk about the competitors, their background, and who are the best of them. They would have to be very energetic, but I think it would be a really fun radio show to both record and listen to.

Gossip: In modern day radio, when the stations aren’t playing music, they are usually talking about the news, politics, or gossip about celebrities. I think it would be a cool idea to gossip about western characters.  We could make up the “celebrity” characters of the town. The show could be all about who has beef with who, and what we think they will do about it.  We can also talk about relationships and say we think there’s some forbidden relationships forming. There are a lot of ideas that we could come up with off of this, but these are just a few we could start off on.

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3 thoughts on “Things to Consider- Radio Show

  1. I think your first idea is really great, because we could have sideline reporters, maybe for those who aren’t as comfortable talking straight for 20 minutes, and those people could be interviewing the competitors, much like in football. You could have an analyst desk, and have people spit out fake rodeo jargon. Maybe include fake commercial breaks for western products as well. Would help break up the show into different chunks.

    Regardless, I think that’s a great idea with a lot of potential.

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