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Rodeo Radio Update

Our group had gotten off to the rodeo real quickly. We named our group “Rodeo Radio”. The topic is us commentating on a Rodeo like an announcer would commentate on any other sports event. This week, besides getting the group together, we started off by coming together and creating an outline about how we wanted to make the radio show. We also started to write out the specific script of who was going to say what. We assigned duties on who should complete the bumpers, commercials and interviews. We are going to do each of these individually, and then we will come back and edit them together with audacity. That was it for the first meeting. We had a little trouble scheduling meetings this week due to the storm, and due to the fact that our group is made up of in-season athletes that have matches and games that have taken priority over scheduling. We were still able to plan a second meting. During this meeting, we continued to write the script out, and we also began recording. We got about 1/3 of the commentating completed. We agreed that over spring break, we would finish the script and all of our commercials/bumpers so that when we got back, it would be easy to do a run through with recording, and all we will have to do is edit it in audacity. Overall, I feel like our group is in a great place so far. We will make sure that everyone is staying on top of their work over spring break.


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