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Ready, Set, Legends

Reading two of the great western legends makes the Western culture really start to sink in.


Credit: Ice Man


Credit: The Bride Comes to the Yellow Sky

Noticing Some Things: These Westerns sure are starting to blend together.  Even though they all have different story lines,  the settings and people still seem to be similar in character. One common theme I saw was that there was always a bar in the story.  Wether it was relevant or not, the event would happen at the bar.  In Ice Man, the feud between the Indian Man and the Police officer started because the Police saw them at the bar.  In the bride comes to yellow sky, the story of Scratchy Wilson developed with everyone fearing him walking into the bar.  Another theme I noticed was that most of the english language wasn’t very fluid.  I assume that some of that is to represent that the Indian culture didn’t know much english, but the white men still had a lot of slang incorporated into their language.  The writing styles don’t go in to much detail.  I noticed that in both these stories, the author got straight to the point, sometimes leaving out some transition and details.  It could also be possible that I did not understand all of the story because of the language they used. So far, I really like the Western readings, although they are very different than anything I have ever read.  I am intrigued to learn more and see what types of story lines come up.

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