Whats a Doctor Without His Bag?

Visual Assignment: What’s in Your Saddle Bag?


Background: Last week, I created a great Western character named Dr Wisdom: Tooth Salesman. He is an exuberant man that loves his trade and loves his teeth even more.  He believes that teeth can have an incredible healing power, even if no one else is on his side. Therefore, if this man is such a crazy horse, it would be very interesting to see what exactly he carries around in his bag, and why. In my opinion, Dr Wisdom: Tooth Salesman has to carry many things around in his saddle bag.  After all, he is a very important man and he needs to be on top of his game with all the right supplies if he is going to sell all these teeth.

The goods:

First off, he carries around his posters to show off his teeth selection, as well as how darn cheap they are! Dr Wisdom always has been a man for deals, and he doesn’t want anyone to feel ripped off. His advertising slogan is “3 teeth for the price of 1!”.

teeth pile

Credit: Yadvashem

What would a doctor be without his doctor tools? Dr Wisdom would be caught dead without his.  Maybe he’s a great doctor, but these tools definitely don’t look like they would be much fun.  If I ran in to the doctors and saw this, I would run like hell the opposite direction.

dental tools

Credit: Melnick Medical Musem

The way the teeth are used for medical purpose is that they are supposed to be ground up and dissolved in water, so that you can invest them easily.  The Doctor says that the healing power is secret, but if you don’t feel completely better, he will give you your money back.  Since they need to be ground up, the doc carries around a mortar and pestle for the convenience that he will grind the teeth up for you.  How nice of him!

mortar pestle

Credit: Catholic Lane


How’d(y) I do it?: In order to create the words on the poster, I used an editing app, Be Funky.  They let you edit any picture, and use things from cropping and resizing to putting filters on the photos and changing their appearance.  It even lets you edit small features on the face if you have a picture of you and your friends and you want to fix a few blemishes.  The other pictures were simply found off google.

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