We’ve Got Some Beef up in Here

The History of Andy and Dr.Wisdom

Assignment: Your Character’s Past 3.5 Stars

Assignment Description: “If you’ve been a part of DS106 for at least a few weeks, you’ve probably already thought of and created a host character that you will be following around for the remainder of the semester. There are already a lot of assignments that deal with your character, but for this assignment, you need to explain how your character grew up, and what made them the way they are today. Did they have a happy or sad childhood? What decisions in life led them up to the point they are at now? ”

Ahhh, the ol’ story between these two cowboys. If you recall tuning into Rodeo Radio, you remember the scandal that caused the uprising of the whole event. For a quick recap, Andy decided to barge in and try to rob old man Dr. Wisdom. A lot of people might have thought that was a big coincidence, but lets go back to the beginning and see what really happened.

It all started back when these two were in the schoolhouse together. Young Dr. Wisdom, before all of his success, was just a happy go lucky kid with the perfect family. Andy, on the other hand, didn’t have it all together like the doc did. His family was struggling, he didn’t always have a home, and he was incredibly jealous of the other kids at school. Andy didn’t want anyone to know about his home life, so he put on a tough front. He always talked about shooting his guns and running around the yard faster than any of the other kids. However, the doc never gave young andy the time of day. Doc was a happy go lucky kid and he just wanted to kick a ball around with the other kids. This made Andy mad. He wanted Doc to pay attention to him! So Andy just started picking on him and picking on him, trying to get him to tick. And one day, he got on doc’s last nerve. They got into a huge argument, and the rest was history.  These two grew up hating each others guts.  Eventually, when they got older, Andy decided to move out of town. Dr. Wisdom was relieved to hear this, out of protection for his family. Who knew when Andy decided to take the anger out on someone else too! On that day of the rodeo, no one had any idea that Andy was back in town. Thankfully, on the day of the event, the gunslinger was there to save the day, and no one got hurt. Now, the doc and his family are safe, and Andy is put away for good.


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