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Radio Bumper

AssignmentCreate a DS106 Radio Bumper 3.5 Stars

Assignment Description:“Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into (see So for ds106 it should certainly include “DS106 Radio” and some sort of message about the station with voice over music.”

How it all came together: I did this assignment similarly to ‘Yo Mama Got Bills. I recorded my bumper on SoundCloud, then I proceeded to upload it onto Audacity. I did the same thing as the other assignment where I used a YouTube link to convert the Western music into a mp3. I took that file to Audacity as well.  I layered the tracks so that the music started off the bumper, then I started talking, then the bumper ended with music again.  I keep learning more with Audacity because for this week, I learned how to fade the track out.  This makes the bumper sound nicer so that it doesn’t sound like it was cut off. I also made the music quieter as well so that it did not over power the voice track. When it was all completed, I exported it to SoundCloud so that I could easily embed it. I found this assignment rather easy, but I think its because I am getting used to recording and using audio editors.

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