Pretty in Purple

Assignment: Color Walk Time Lines 3 Stars

Assignment Description: Choose a color and then take 20 minute walk in which you take a 5-8 pictures of the color as you encounter it. Then upload the photos to Flickr and create a time line using TimeLine JS.

Spring Time: The color of the day was purple. This was mostly due to the fact that its spring and its FINALLY feeling like it. So in honor of the sunshine, I decided to pick a nice spring color. Also, I figured I’d get some pretty pictures of flowers in the process. It was also a nice excuse to get out of the house for a walk.

Hassle-free maybe? : So I thought this process would be easy. You know, upload to flickr, add a link, and done. Turns out, it took me longer than I thought because I had to use a spreadsheet template to develop the timeline. Besides the work I did, Timeline made a pretty beautiful timeline for me  and the pictures of my walk. I simply opened the template they made for google docs, then I filled out the pictures, times, and descriptions. I published the google doc, and added the link back on the timeline creator. Once this happened, it created a timeline and gave me a code to embed it into my post.

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