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Created Assignment #3A collage of your favorite vacation pictures

Assignment description: “Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations. Then upload your collage to your flickr account. ”


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What do these pictures really mean?: These are 6 of some of my favorite vacations from the past few years.  I knew I wanted to do this assignment because of my love for travel (read my about me page).  I have been all across the country, and I have loved each place I have gone.  Starting with the top left picture was the most recent of my adventures. Me and my dad flew out to the beautiful state of Montana to go skiing.  I have been skiing my whole life, and I look forward to this vacation every year.  A fun fact about Montana is that it has more cattle per acre than person! It snowed all week that we were there, and it was pure heaven.  I never wanted to leave but unfortunately I had to go back to school and I couldn’t live in the snow forever (until snowmaggedon hit). The top left picture was taken in beautiful California, more specifically in Santa Monica. I am fortunate enough to be able to travel to California every year with the UMW Women’s tennis team.  We go out there every year to train and compete against other nationally ranked teams.  At the same time, we are on spring break so we get to explore California beaches and towns and its so great to see all the beaches out there.  The third picture on the top is of me and my family on our summer trip.  This past summer, we went down to Hilton Head, SC.  Its a long drive considering we live in PA, so its pretty good family bonding time.  The island is so relaxing but there is also so much to do.  We are able to stay in a resort where I get to play tennis with my dad, go to hot yoga, and still have plenty of time to relax and read on the beach.  With my adventurous side, its not the most exciting of vacations, but I still love the time off to relax.  Looking at the picture on the bottom left, it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.  This vacation started off on a cruise, which I didn’t particularly like, but it ended up with us in Bermuda.  It might have been the worst sunburn that I have ever gotten, but a great story to tell with it.  Me and my family got the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, and they even got them to kiss us! Even though I had to spend the rest of my trip in cramped quarters, these few days off the boat were worth it.  The next picture really shows what I love to do.  This picture was taken when I went with my family down to Virginia Tech to visit my older sister.  We all went hiking in the mountains down there, and came across this beautiful waterfall.  I couldn’t help but to do one of my yoga poses in front of it.  The moment was too perfect.  The last picture is of course another skiing picture.  Best way to start and finish.  This one was from last winter (2014) when me and my dad traveled out to Snowbird, UT.  Just another beautiful ski resort, I miss being out there.

How did I put it all together?: I went on my computer to find all the pictures I wanted.  It wasn’t hard to find all my favorite vacation pictures, I have them all saved.  I sent them all together on my phone so I could use the app InstaSize. The app allows you to upload all of your pictures to make a collage.  It lets you shape the pictures into all different formats and you can make a collage from 2-6 pictures.  I used 6 because that is what the assignment called for. Once I created the collage, I sent it back to my computer so I could upload it on flickr and embed it into the post.

Once again, happy snow day.  I hope you have dreams of skiing!!!

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