30 Second Date

Assignment: Celebrity Speed Dating

Assignment Description: “You were just introduced to your favorite celebrity. You now have 30 seconds to tell this person anything you want and at the end of the conversation they will decide if they want to hang out with you again or not. Use soundcloud to record a short 30 second clip of everything you would want this person to know. GO!”

Pearl de Vere: My character, Dr. Wisdom, has a huge crush on Pearl de vere, a beautiful brothel owner up in Denver, CO. Everyone in the area knows about Pearl, but Dr. Wisdom thinks that there’s a little more to her than simply a brothel owner. In this 30 second date, he gets to tell her more about himself as well as ask her about herself.

Put it all together: This project was a simple recording on audacity. Similarly to the other 3 audio assignments I did, I wrote out a small script for this one before I recorded. I did not layer this assignment, I just exported it as an mp3 and uploaded it to soundcloud.

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