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Visual Assignment: We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch

Assignment Description: “Most everyone has seen the infamous picture of The Brady Bunch where everyone in the family is showcased in their own personal box. Now it’s your turn!! Whether your actual family or your close group of friends, make a collage mimicking the picture shown below. Be creative with the title. Make the title alliteration either with your last name or somesort of name you wish to call your group. In your post, explain why you chose the people you did in your collage.”

Goofy Goobers

Credit: Be Funky

Who are these weird girls?: When I think of my Brady Bunch, I think of my tennis team. Even though we can get pretty serious and competitive on the court, off the court its the goofiest group of girls I have ever met. These are 8 out of 15 amazing girls from my team, and these faces describe all of us pretty perfectly.

Pulling Teeth: In order to get all of these wonderful pictures of my teammates, I asked them each for their own selfie. However, getting all of these girls to send me pictures took a little longer than I expected.  Once I rallied up all of the pictures, I used the site Be Funky to put it all together.  They are a website that helps you do anything you could possibly want when editing a picture.  I have already used them for quite a few assignments now.  I would say that this was my favorite assignment so far.

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