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Assignment: Pimp My Ride 3.5 Stars

Assignment Description:

Using either pencil and paper, or digital software, create your own automobile for your own character. This automobile should reflect the personality and attitude your character has. You can be as creative as you want, no limits on the design, size, shape of the car. Be sure to use your character and their personality to reflect in the artwork of the automobile. For instance, the bat-mobile is a great example of a car emulating the personality of it’s character.

Joint Automobile for Dr. Wisdom and The Fastest Gun in the West


Bang Bang: Here is the west’s greatest automobile! The Doc and the Gunsligner’s buggy. They’re both heroes in their own way, but this buggy allows them to heal people and take down the criminals at the same time.  The buggy is equipped with all of the doctor’s teeth as well as every gun in the gunslinger’s arsenal.

Not an Artist:  All I did for this assignment was draw a basic picture of a buggy, then added all of the extras I needed to make it a part of the characters. I then took a picture of it, and uploaded it to my computer in order to embed it into this post.

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