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Assignment: Day in the Life of Your Character 2 Stars

Assignment Description: Record a day in the life of your host character. Using your character’s voice and Audacity, explain what happens during their typical day. Where do they work, what do they eat, who do they live with? Try to make it at least one minute long.

Flapjacks: This story follows the day in the life of Dr. Wisdom. It’s a simple story about his day, but I tried to cover all of the aspects of his life on a regular day.

Process: I did this assignment similarly to the first audio assignment I did. I simply wrote out what I was planning on saying, and then I went on audacity and recorded it in one track. This assignment was slightly easier in that I did not layer any of the tracks; it was simply the vocal audio. Once the audio was recorded, I uploaded it to soundcloud and then embedded it in the post.


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