Fakebook, Twister, Yolo

Assignment: What they might have done in social media 3.5 stars

Assignment Description: Too bad Facebook was not around for most of history! Use the Fakebook tool to make a Facebook profile for a historical figure and make a fake tweet for the same character using the Twister tool. See for Abaraham Lincoln the example of a fake facebook profile and what he might have tweeted.

Make sure what you create is coherent with the person’s background, and explain what it might have meant for that person to use Facebook and twitter “way back then”. Include screen shots and links to what you created, and elaborate on what their use of social media might have been like if it existed for them.

Twister: If John Wayne were on Twitter, I just imagine him trashing people all over the place. I made a fake tweet of him doing just that. He is always a badass, and he definitely tweets his feelings.

Fakebook: A Facebook takes a little more thought in developing. I had to add a whole background to Duke, and see who he was involved with in his life. I used a lot of pieces from descriptions of him, and other sources such as Wikipedia. Eventually, it all came together. The Fakebook was so much fun to make, especially since it already recognized all of the historic people. This would also work pretty well as a study tool for any type of history class.


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