Homer Meets Budweiser

Assignment: Ad Using A Cartoon Character 4 Stars

Assignment Description: “Have you ever thought a particular cartoon character would make a great advertiser? Well here’s your chance. Take an existing product or even a regular item and have a cartoon character do their best salesman impression.”

homer & budweiser

“Homer no function Budweiser well without…”

WOOHOO: Homer Simpson loves nothing more than beer. You don’t watch an episode without seeing him at Moe’s Tavern with the rest of his crew. Therefore, its only fitting that homer is the spokesperson for not any beer, but the famous Budweiser beer.  In his ad, I can imagine Homer saying, “Budweiser is the best thing to hit Springfield. I emptied out Bart’s piggy bank to get one at Moe’s! So come get your Bud for only 5 cents…. DOH” Afterwards, I imagine Homer’s head passing out on the bar, but thats a whole other story.

How did he get in there?: I’m still not a wiz at photoshop, so I didn’t know how this assignment would go. However, the photo editing app that I have been using, BeFunky, helped me out a lot.  All I had to do was take the picture of Budweiser, and the cropped picture of homer, and combine them as layers onto the same picture. This site made it super simple, and it ended up taking me no time at all. Lastly, I just flattened the layers and saved it as a picture. This assignment was fun to be creative because I love the Simpsons. Trying to put myself in Homer’s shoes was hilarious in itself.

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One thought on “DOH!

  1. Homer betraying Duff beer? He must be getting paid a bunch. Great job on the image editing and choice of subject matter.

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