Dax and Kristen

Visual Assignment:Love at First Shot

Assignment description: “Take/Find a picture of a couple who are obviously in love. Use the picture to tell a story. Give the story some background and maybe even create a dialogue between the two or tell the story from each point of view. Just give it some detail and create a background to your photo! It can be a true story or a completely made up one, just have fun with it!”

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Credit:Pop Sugar

What I love about this assignment: Who doesn’t fall for a perfect love story? When I saw this assignment, the first couple I thought about was celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.  For the past few years, I have followed their adventures, and they seem to be the most fun loving couple out there. Even though they are celebrities, they act like total goofballs. Some people might think that romance is the perfect relationship, but my perfect relationship is how goofy you can be with your partner. With a little help from True Love Stories, I am able to show off their love story.

It all started when….: Dax and Kristen were both unknown actors just trying to make it in Los Angeles.  Dax was best known for his roles on Ashton Kutcher’s show, Punk’d, and Kristen Bell made it as an actress in her role in Veronica Mars.  The couple started dating in 2007, but no one thought that they would make it as a pair.  Kristen was a very proper girl, but Dax was the bad boy that loved partying and a reckless lifestyle.  However, Kristen ended up being the one to save Dax from going down a dark and scary path.  She only saw his witty, loving, and generous personality that he had on the inside. After dating for two years, they knew that it was meant to be.  Even though Dax proposed to Kristen in 2009, they had many gay friends that were not as fortunate as they were to get married.  Therefore, since the couple is all about equality, they made a promise to themselves and their friends that they would not get married until it was legal for everyone in the state of California to be married. Not only do they love each other, but they have so much love for everyone around them. When they eventually did get married in October of 2013, it was a beautiful intimate ceremony with just family and friends.  They then had a beautiful baby girl, Lincoln Bell, in March of 2014. They spend their lives giving back to charities like Invisible Children. It might not be the most glamorous love story, but it is definitely the realist. Its a couple that can be themselves and still give back and love their community as much as they love each other.

Process, annotated: Being my favorite celebrity couple, I loved reading and writing about the story of Dax and Kristen. I simply did a research to find their backgrounds and how they met. I found the image through google, and I simply saved it and embedded it into my post. I hope one day I can have a love story as perfect as this time,  but for now, I will just live vicariously through them.

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