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Writing Assignment #2Dear Future Husband

Assignment Description: “Ever think of things to say to your future husband or wife? Write down a short letter to your future husband or wife letting them know the things you want to see in them, expect, and hope the future will be like with them!”



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Why this assignment?: Every girl is out there looking for her perfect guy.  So once you find that perfect guy, wouldn’t it make it even better to tell that guy everything he will ever need to know about you, and all of your needs? After all, every girl should be treated like the princess she is.  It seemed like a really fun idea to write that letter to my future husband, hoping maybe he will take my advice.  Since this week, we need to incorporate the Western theme into one of our writing assignments, I am going to try to put the Western touch on my letter.

Howdy Cowboy: I don’t know if you’re ready for the rodeo, but I sure hope this prepares you a little better.  Although I love you dearly, I need you to know that I love my horses a whole ‘lot as well. I ride them around all day every day, and if you want to be part of the family you should learn too.  The ranch we live on might not be big or glamorous, but it sure does have a lot of character.  We can learn to make it our home together, along with our beloved horses.  You could say I’m not your typical girl.  I love my guns and holsters (although I always try to keep them hidden under my dress). Good to always look like a lady, ya know? Bottom of the line, as long as you keep my horses happy, respect the ranch, and we can go wrangle the cattle together, you will fit in with us just fine.


Your Future Wife

Process, Annotated: There isn’t much of a process when it comes to writing assignments.  Most of it is the creativity of writing it all. But in order to embed the photo above, I simply found it on google, and gave credit where credit was due by attaching a link below it. Writing is still a little difficult for me, but I hope it gets easier with each blog post I write.

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