Boy Gets Girl

“Finds something wonderful, just loves it, oh god damnit. Got it back again “


Credit:YouTube-Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

Background: Kurt Vonnegut describes three types of stories in this YouTube video.  His claim is that we can pretty much model every story like these, and that does seem to be holding true to some of the Western stories I have been reading. The first one he describes is someone that starts off just a little better off than average, something terrible happens, but then they end up bouncing back. The second curve, the one I most relate to in the Western story The Bride Comes to the Yellow Sky.  He starts off with the character being happier than average, meeting the girl, but then something happens, and in the end of the story, everything is just peachy.  The last story line is a bit comical, in which he describes the story of Cinderella.  The main character starts off extremely depressed, comes to be extremely happy, becomes sad again, then achieves infinite happiness. To compare the story I read, I will focus on this second story plot.

The bride saves the day: The main character here, Jack Potter starts out as a very happy man, seeing that he just just married the woman he loved and was ready to bring her back to his hometown.  The downfall begins when Potter realizes that maybe he shouldn’t bring this woman back to his town. After all, he was the face of the town and he had not told anyone. Who knew how Yellow Sky was going to take this woman? Meanwhile, the trouble was building at home.  Scratchy Wilson had the whole town in his palm.  Everyone was afraid of what this man would do with his pistols, especially when drunk.  Potter never could have known what (or who) was waiting for him at Yellow Sky.  Once him and his wife arrived, Scratchy pointed one of the pistols at his chest. This is the low point of the story, not knowing wether or not Potter and his wife will make it.  Scratchy claims that he has a gun and they need to settle their differences once and for all.  However, Potter swears that he does not have a gun because he just came from getting married, and it was his wife that was standing right next to him.  With the heart that Scratchy has left, because of his wife, he decides to leave the two alone and that the feud was no longer relevant.  So, the story still ends in a positive way, and Potter could’ve never known that his wife would have saved his life like she did.

What did I read? First, I read The Bride Comes to the Yellow Sky  as one of the readings on the list this week.  Therefore, once I saw the youtube video, YouTube-Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories, I knew that the story related to the humor in the video about stories.  The story goes up, down, and back up just like the second story plot that Kurt Vonnegut describes.  I also wanted to embed some media, so I created the GIF shown above to demonstrate the part of the video where Vonnegut referenced this type of story.

Remember, women always save the day.

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