Be on the Lookout!

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Assignment: Most Wanted Outlaws ds106 Style

Assignment Description: “For this assignment, students will create a Wanted poster for some of the most wanted outlaws/groups of the Wild Wild West. While it may seem like a basic assignment, I think it will be fun and perfectly fitting for this course! Here is a link to some of the most wanted outlaws:

By simply googling “old wild west wanted posters”, you will be given a plethora of examples that you may go off of! “

wanted poster

Who is Sam Bass?: This wanted poster seemed like a fun assignment considering my minimal background in graphic design. I chose Sam Bass from the page of outlaws that was given in the assignment description. The reason I chose Sam Bass was because not only did he seem like a pretty badass criminal, being a robber only made it fitting that he would be on a reward poster. Also, I thought that his picture would be one of the best looking to put on  a poster.

Creating a Masterpiece: To start off this assignment, I googled “blank wanted posters” so that I could start with a canvas to add text/picture to. I uploaded the picture I found to Be Funky so that I could edit it from there. They allowed to to add the picture and the text, and style it to fit with the rest of the western theme of the poster. This assignment wasn’t too hard for me, but I think what would have made it a little more fun is if we did it about our western character, even if they’re not an outlaw.

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