3 feet of snow? Not a problem

Created Assignment #2: Buzzfeed Personality Quiz

Assignment Description: “Have you taken one of those fun personality quizzes on Buzzfeed? Now make your own! Sign in with Buzzfeed to create a community account (you can use gmail). Then start making a quiz for people to find out which character they are. Use any characters you like. There must be at least 3 results with descriptions and at least 6 questions. Be sure to include photographs as well. Once you have made the page publish it and share.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 5.56.33 PM

Why make a quiz like this: For the past few days, if you live around DC, or up the east coast, you have heard of this huge snow storm that is hitting.  They say that is is the most snow that we have gotten in about 50 years.  Thats a huge claim.  So, if you get snowed in for at least three days, what would you want to do? A lot of college kids end up staying in and drinking.  So I figured why not make a quiz to help those 21 year old and olders exactly what they want to drink.

How did I make the quiz, narrated: Buzzfeed Personality Quiz allows you to easily make an account by signing into google.  From there, I just made a post, and selected to do a personality quiz.  There are many types of posts you can make, including other quizzes like a trivia quiz, a checklist, or a poll. I started off by choosing 6 possible results you could get.  They included Jäger bomb, merlot, bud light, margarita, gin & tonic, or hot cocoa with schnapps.  I then created 6 different questions to answer, with 6 answers each.  Each of the answers to the questions connected to one of the results.  For each of the questions and answers to the questions, I included a picture. It made the quiz just a little more fun and entertaining to take. Lastly, I attached a thumbnail to make the quiz look attractive for browsers on buzzfeed.  The process took a long time, but it was worth it because it came out so well.

Have a great snow day everyone!

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