2 Many Seasons

Assignment: Harness Relationships 4 Stars

Assignment Description:

Use the online organizational tool, Kumu, to create a web map of relationships. This can be anything: contacts, movies, your Ds106 assignments. Kumu offers a stellar way of organizing information and honing in on relationships between information. Maybe try converting a paper from another class into a Kumu map. Int his way, using Kume forces you to further explore the relationships between sources and source material.


House of Crazy: So first of all, this was probably the longest assignment I have ever done. Once I figured out t how to use Kumu, it wasn’t as difficult, but it still took FOREVER. I also chose to try to conquer game of thrones, and I didn’t even succeed at including every single character. Besides that, I enjoyed this assignment because game of thrones is one of my favorite shows.

Shortcuts are bliss: Using Kumu really wasn’t too bad once you got the hang of it.  I eventually found some shortcuts that allowed me to easily add elements and connections. I also added loops to represent the different houses. If I did this a second time, I would probably be able to do it more efficiently (I got a lot better at it as time went on).

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