Story through Sound 2

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DS106 Radio Show The drama is increasing in this movie on #ds106radio !! #western106 — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) February 10, 2016 The music makes it sound like theres about to be a big fight! #ds106 #western106   — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) February 10, 2016 Where did that chorus come from? #western106 #ds106 — Christina Gaul […]

Story Through Sound

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Audio in Storytelling Sight without Sound:When watching a movie, seeing a play, or even experiencing every day life, sometimes it is hard to realize how much sound impacts your emotions. Even if you can only hear the music/audio, it can still evoke feeling in you the way visual would. Maybe even more! A great example […]

Record Breakers

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Photoblitz I started the photoblitz at 3:03 PM “Find a grid pattern somewhere (brick sidewalk or ceiling tiles)” This is a picture of my fireplace mantle at home. I tried to change my perspective/ angle to show the contrast in the brick. “Take a picture of anger, or something that makes you angry.” Here, I’m […]

Two Socks

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Dances With Wolves Credit: Alpha Coders I chose the most recent of the movie selections, hoping to find that there would be more cinematography aspects incorporated in the film.  About an hour into the film, I already noticed patterns that the director seemed to be using while filming.  Using the tips from Becoming Better Photographers, I tried to […]

Point and Shoot

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I have never been a great photographer, or even someone who has had a nicer camera than simply my iPhone. However, I do think that over the years, I have developed some skill when it comes to taking pictures. This especially relates to pictures of buildings and landscapes. I have four of my better photos […]