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Three Teeth For the Price of One

Dr. Wisdom: Tooth Salesman

Do you know how much medicinal value teeth have?


Credit: Morgan Weistling

Who is this man? Dr. Wisdom travels all over the Western country to sell teeth.  Thats right, teeth.  For a great bargain I may add! He claims that teeth have a great medicinal value.  All you have to do is crush them up real fine, then add them to your whiskey.  One key personality trait to a great salesman is a great personality and a loud voice.  When this man comes to town, you can hear his voice booming throughout town no matter where you are.  All of them men from the bar come out to listen, and many of them have bought into it.  This has become a very popular medicinal treatment, wether its a placebo or not.  Dr. Wisdom’s business is booming, but he will never reveal where he gets all his product from 😉


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