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Clemonlemon: This week, me and my roommate found a clementine that was shaped like a lemon. This is a great example of minimalism because it is simply a clementine on a napkin, and it is only 2 colors.

Snowy Sunset: Earlier in the week, it snowed and it was a picture perfect moment when the sun set behind the snow. This shows contrast and color because the sunset really stands out next to the white snow.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place: On one of my hikes, I came across a rock suspended in the air by two hard walls. This is the perfect description of balance.  Not only is the rock balancing in the walls, but the walls themselves look balanced. Out of all of the 4 pictures, this is my favorite.

Coffee Shop Rhythm: In downtown fredericksburg, there is a cute little coffee shop that I love going to once in a while. Its a coffee shop linked with a car wash… how strange right? The pictures on this wall show a great example of rhythm. The pictures are all over the place, yet they are still balanced somehow.
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