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Story Through Sound

Audio in Storytelling

Sight without Sound:When watching a movie, seeing a play, or even experiencing every day life, sometimes it is hard to realize how much sound impacts your emotions. Even if you can only hear the music/audio, it can still evoke feeling in you the way visual would. Maybe even more! A great example of emotion through audio is in horror movies. Here is a good example of  some music that can give anyone anxiety about what lurks behind them.

Radio: Audio without visual, better known as radio, has been around for years.  While other technologies like cassettes, CDs, and other technology has fallen in the dust, radio has continued to prevail, but why is that? The audio that is used on radio is so exciting that people tune in almost every single day. Voices are specially selected, usually unique voices, in order to keep the listener interested.

Moon Graffiti:Listening to Moon Graffiti was a great example of how audio can paint a picture in your head. Since there was no visual, you were forced to create the image of what was happening in your head, but it was extremely easy.  Every time that it seemed like there was a stressful situation, the sound effects got slightly louder and built up so that the listener could feel the stress of the situation.  Throughout the recording, there was slight eerie music happening.  To me, I felt like they were in a bad situation, and something scary could happen any second but I just didn’t know exactly when.  Another thing that the audio did a really great job of was recreating the speech through the helmets.  The sound was perfectly muffled so that you could really envision the cadets in their space suits. You could also picture the empty space because of the few tones in the noise.  This gave an illusion of a mass of space. Lastly, another way they created drama was by making the sounds more frequent and layered when the cadets were in danger.  This clip really allowed me to visualize the story so much that I felt like I might as well have been watching a movie.

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