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Story through Sound 2

Feb 9, 2016: The radio show was not that I expected it to be, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! When I think of radio, I think of music and talk show hosts. However, radio can really be any form of audio entertainment. For this radio show, we listened to a western movie the entire time. Having only the audio really made me think about what could be happening, and what these Western characters would look like. I found it challenging in a few spots when I couldn’t tell the differences between some of the males voices, but the non-verbal audio helped with some of those cues. They had great use of dramatic music to build the suspense of the scene.  The only time I really got lost is when something with the visual was happening, but I could only hear a little audio and no voices.  This threw me off, but it was the only time.  I also really enjoyed live tweeting with some of my classmates.  It gave me both a better sense of what was going on as well as more excitement to discuss the drama. So far this week, I have realized really how much audio sets the scene, and sometimes it even does a better job than the visual itself.
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