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Record Breakers


I started the photoblitz at 3:03 PM


“Find a grid pattern somewhere (brick sidewalk or ceiling tiles)”

This is a picture of my fireplace mantle at home. I tried to change my perspective/ angle to show the contrast in the brick.


“Take a picture of anger, or something that makes you angry.”

Here, I’m outside my house. First of all, I don’t like smokers and I don’t like smoking in public. However, the thing that makes me the angriest about this situation is that these cigarette buds were littered and just left outside our house.  It it both unappealing and gross.


“Where would we be without tools? Take a photo of your most valued (non technology) tool”

My tool is my tennis racket. I am a member of the women’s tennis team at UMW, and I use this tool almost every single day.  I trust in it more than I trust in myself.


“Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way”

This is a picture of my bathroom sink. I think its a really cool sight to see the water running upwards instead.  Its something you would never see in real life!


“Take a photo dominated by a single color”

Meet Lenny. We have two cats named Lenny and Sheldon.  I took this picture because Lenny is tan, and his cat scratcher is brown and light tan. They are all different shades of brown and I think it had cool contrast.


“Take a photo of (or something that represents) the moon.”

Here is an up close and personal picture of a lightbulb.  I got so close that it created a glow, focusing just on the light.  This makes the background look like its darker, giving it a moon effect.


“Your feet, show what kind of day you’re having”

Here is my OOTD, as any fashionista would say it.  I like to say that I actually “tried” today. In other words, I actually put jeans and boots on instead of wearing athletic clothes all day.


I finished the Photoblitz in just 11 minutes!


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