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I have never been a great photographer, or even someone who has had a nicer camera than simply my iPhone. However, I do think that over the years, I have developed some skill when it comes to taking pictures. This especially relates to pictures of buildings and landscapes. I have four of my better photos shows here, and they relate to the tips from Becoming Better Photographers.


Change My Perspective By Changing Yours


Create Depth


Better Contrast Makes Better Stories


Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background

Simple Photographer:  I have never been a super artsy person. I do take a lot of pictures, but most of them are of me and my friends. Whenever I go on cool trips, I take many nature pictures. I edit them using apps like Afterlight and VSCO, but I mostly put them on Instagram, or upload them straight to VSCO.  I don’t think I’m too successful at pictures, even though some of them I take are pretty cool in my opinion. I think if I wanted to improve my pictures, I would need to take more time to sit down and examine what exactly would make the picture look cooler.  My go to when I want to take a landscape picture is to take a panorama, and usually from an low angle. I would like to be able to consistently take good pictures.

Jason Eskenazi: Watching his video made me realize how little I really knew about photography. Also, he doesn’t seem like he has an exact formula for taking a picture.  It makes a lot more sense to try to tell a story with the picture you are taking.  Also, it is very important to make sure that the photo is solely focused on the subject that you are taking.  I suspect that one of the most important things in photography is experience. You feel when the photograph is right.

The phrase, “Pictures or it didn’t happen” has never been so relevant.


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