About me

There’s so many things I could write about the things I love, but here are a few of the basics.  I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington. It has been a fun ride for the past 4 years as both an economics major and a member of the UMW tennis team.  I have loved my time here but I am looking forward to wherever I end up next.  I am originally from outside Philadelphia, PA, but I would love to travel all over the country once I graduate.  One of my favorite places to be is in Denver, CO. Skiing is my other passion besides tennis, and I learned to ski as soon as I learned how to walk. Every year, my family has a trip out west to go skiing and it is the best week of my year. Another one of my favorite hobbies is hot yoga. Besides keeping me in shape, its an addiction and a form of meditation for me.


I am an extremely adventurous person, always want to be outside and make friends. So get to know me!!!